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Our service lets you accurately measure your brand’s visibility in any recorded broadcasts with automated computer vision tools. Our reports will provide meaningful insights about your product or logo placement that will help you to evaluate the true effectiveness of your efforts to build brand awareness by being visible in a sport event, talk show or reality show. Company logos, images, texts and even products can be detected and measured throughout the entire event. The report contains factual data, for instance on how long your brand was visible on the screens, or the exact size was relative to the screen area. Audience measurement data alone won’t let you to evaluate the overall effectiveness as visibility is also crucial to improve your brand awareness on your target audience.

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Our service

Our goal is to assist our clients in evaluating the effectiveness of their product placement activities. Raising brand awareness in the markets is a function of two major components: the size of the audience and proper visibility. Audience measurement is already a mature industry, however, attempts on providing reliable data on visibility all fell short in accuracy. Brandetect has been developing the most sophisticated software algorithms to detect and follow the images related to our client’s brand and distillates raw data into meaningful reports. The computer vision algorithms finds logos and products in the recorded broadcasts and measures important characteristics of visibility. The report contains data on the total amount of time the brand was visible over the broadcast, the number of appearances, we continuously measure the absolute and relative visible size of the brand image, even the position within the screen. The screen-by-screen analysis provides the tenth of a second detailed database of image appearances. This feature allows our clients to define the threshold parameters of visibility. As a result, we filter out rapid or small size appearances from the aggregated figures in the report. The rate of visibility together with audience measurement data can help to evaluate the true effectiveness of such campaigns.

TV channels

… may sell their advertising potential easier if they provide an accurate report on the brand appearances. Brandetect helps in acquiring new clients and proving the fulfilment of the contract.


… may judge the true value of product placements within their portfolio of advertisements. The results may be taken into consideration at the next budgeting.

Media agencies

… may resell the reports to their clients adding an extra value to their service. Providing such data can easily be an advantage on the market and helps in acquiring new clients.

Sports teams

… may convince sponsors easier if they provide reliable data on the sponsor’s visibility throughout the season. All broadcasts can be measured and aggregated to produce such reports.

Sport facilities

… know well that the visibility of the numerous advertisement surfaces are not the same. With the help of such report the pricing of advertisements can be diversified properly to obtain more revenue.

Sample reports

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